Monday, August 26, 2013

Being A Teenager

My daughter, you know her as Peppermint Patty, is all about being 13. She loves to talk on the phone, hang out with her friends, and although she'd NEVER admit it to me I think she likes to talk about boys and giggle about who likes whom.

Recently, I was contacted by Steve from SnapStylz. He had a product he wanted me to try and I was like, OH I know who's going to love this! My little girl - who is now officially 2 inches taller than me.

SnapStylz is a product developed by Steve and his 9 year old daughter. YOW! Girl power!!! It's basically a rubbery bracelet with snaps on it, and you can choose which snaps you want and snap them on, interchange them easily, and show your style.

I chose a size medium for her, they come in 3 sizes and TONS of different colors. Also the snaps come in lots of different styles.

She loves her bracelet and is super excited for school to start so she can show all her friends.  It's really unique and she will be the first one at her school to have anything like it.

Check out SnapStylz at their website or on facebook at

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, but I was given the product to try for free. I was asked for an honest review - the opinions expressed here are wholly mine.

Texan Mama

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

staying afloat

Sometimes I wonder if I have adult ADD. Or maybe I just have the "after-40" brain. Or maybe I'm just normal but since I'm the only one inside my brain, I have no idea what "normal" is.

My brain, it seems, NEVER SHUTS DOWN. I think about my kids - what they do, how they act, whether they might get cavities, if I'm too strict or not strict enough, and on and on. I think about our bills - will we ever get them paid off, what if an emergency comes up, what can I cut out so I can afford this or that or something else. I think about my marriage - does my husband really love me, how can I make my marriage better, sometimes I feel like saying WHO EXACTLY DID I MARRY?!?! (I don't worry about this - it's just that he still surprises me sometimes.) I think about our house - when is that project going to get done, what if the air conditioner breaks down, is it going to be a cold winter (how much propane will we need and how much will THAT cost?), etc. I think about photography probably most of all - why can't I just accept my talents and love my own work, will my business ever grow to be sustainable, why can't I get my photos to look like THAT or THAT or THAT.

What is holding me back from being happy? Satisfied? Peaceful?

Sometimes I try to keep myself otherwise occupied, and that helps a lot. Yesterday I built a big enclosure for our chickens so that they won't be wandering around the yard, pooping everywhere, laying eggs in hidden spots, and getting themselves lost or hurt. We had an existing chicken coop, with a semi-secure fence around part of it. I just built a larger enclosure and made the fence more secure.

Chickens stay in, predators stay out
Today I've been going through my emails and deleting everything I haven't read or no longer want. I had over 700 unread emails. Now I'm down to just over 500, but wanted to take a break to write.

last week I cleaned out our barn. It took me most of the day but I did it. Felt SO awesome to have things organized. When my physical things are organized, I think my brain feels organized too. Wow, I'm just realizing that as I type this out. Makes so much sense. When I need to find something and it's missing or misplaced or I have to dig to find it, I get frustrated really quickly. Even THINKING about trying to find an item in a place that's a huge mess makes me feel anxious. So, now all our tools are together, all the spare lumber/scrap wood is together, all the boxes of clothes are together, etc.

Today I think I need to pay some attention to the laundry pile. It's SUPER HUGE and I've neglected it for a few days and it always comes back to bite me in the butt when I do that. And I need a distraction. To be honest, at first, when I start these "clean-ups" I get that anxious feeling like always. But once I commit myself to getting it done, I become very focused on finishing.

Finding projects that have a finish line are awesome. Laundry isn't that way so much... but at least I could clean up the laundry ROOM.

And just a random photo I took last night of the night sky. :)

Texan Mama

Monday, August 5, 2013

feeling blessed

I told my family about my application for Kwik Trip being rejected. Texan Papa said, "really?" he has a very quizzical look on his face, I'm sure it was pretty similar to mine when I got the email. Then of course, my amazing daughter Peppermint Patty chirped up with, "It's because God didn't want you to have that job. He has something better in store for you."

Talk about making me smile! How could I ever ask for a child like that? she's pretty wonderful.

Money, for us, is pretty tight. I lose sleep about it because I'm a worrier by nature. I wish I weren't, but I am. But today I am feeling very blessed.

1) a client placed their order with me. No, it wasn't huge, but it's more than nothing.
2) a woman who works at the local art gallery bought one of my large canvas pieces. I had it printed on the HOPE and CHANCE that she would buy it, and she did! If she hadn't, I'd just have another beautiful picture for my own wall at home but luckily I can now deposit that money in the bank.
3) the weather has been really cool for about 3 weeks now. I think it is REALLY going to help us with our electricity bill this summer. My garden, however, is going along at snails pace. I should have a bumper crop of red tomatoes by now but instead, I'm lucky if I get one every other day. But that's the least of my complaints!

I do recognize my blessings every day, but all too often I magnify my troubles and give them higher priority. I know I shouldn't but they just seem to be the squeaky wheels in my head.

I'm going to keep trying to celebrate those blessings and put some oil on the squeaky wheels to quiet them. :)

Texan Mama